How It Works

So what happens after I buy one of the packages?

Following the purchase of your shiny new website package you may be wondering “What’s next?”. Here’s the next 5 steps in getting your website up and running and what you can do to prepare.

Acquire Domain

The first step in the design process is acquiring a domain name. The domain name will be the address of your site and will be what users enter to reach your site. A good domain name is short, concise, and memorable. It is also important to choose a domain name that pertains to your website as this will affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) later down the line.

Shortly after purchasing a package, you will receive an email asking you for the domain name you desire. These emails are sent personally, so please be patient if it does not arrive immediately.

Domain names are all unique; therefore, a desirable domain name can be very expensive.

All domains are purchased through GoDaddy and every website package includes a domain costing up to $25/year. If a special domain is requested costing more than $25/year, an additional fee will be added to cover the difference. We will let you know the cost of all requested domains if they are available.

Acquire Direction

The next step in the design process is acquiring an idea of the theme the client wishes the website to display. We have thousands of themes to start from and having a good idea what the client desires helps narrow that down. Any additional details and direction design-wise will also be asked for at this point. It is important to mention any specific pages, features, colors, elements, you might want at this point.

Rough Draft

For our third step, we will produce a rough draft of the site using all the information provided in the previous step and our own knowledge. This step can take some time depending on the size and scope of the website being designed. At the very least, basic site structure, navigation, and core concepts should be implemented by the end of this step.

This step only requires patience from the client and cooperation in the event a designer needs to ask them a question.

Review and Repeat

Following the creation of the site’s rough draft, we will send you a copy of the site in its current state for review. The client will then review the site being sure to notate any changes/corrections or additional requests. They will then send us said requests/corrections/changes and we will begin to make them.

Once we have taken the requested actions, we will again send another draft of the site to the client in its current state and repeat the process until the client finds the website satisfactory.

Final Steps

Finally, once the client is satisfied with the overall look, feel, and content of the website, we will begin working on any additional services purchased such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), custom graphics, and videos.

Once all services have been implemented and the client is satisfied, we will move the site to ‘Completed’ status.

Rest assured, if you still have additional requests, changes, or need any assistance we are almost always available. Most requests can be completed fairly quickly; however, if the requested action takes a substantial amount of time an hourly rate will be agreed upon.

Our support typically responds within 24 hours but please give them a 2-3 day window out of courtesy.